Papa Rick's Sauces

Elevate Your Food with Papa Rick’s Signature Flavors​

BBQ Sauces

Transform your grill game with Papa Rick's Sauces: rich, smoky, and irresistibly delicious BBQ flavors await!

Hot Sauces

Ignite your taste buds with Papa Rick's Hot Sauces: fiery flavors crafted to add a sizzle to every bite!

Seasonings and Rubs

Elevate every dish with Papa Rick's Seasonings: handcrafted blends to unlock a world of savory possibilities!

Hand Crafted

We don't "manufacture" our delicious products. We craft each one, painstakingly, by hand.

Small Batch

We believe in quality over quantity. No giant kettles, machinery or steam injecting nonsense around here.

All Natural

Fresh, natural ingredients make all the difference. That's why they're the only ingredients we use.

We Bring Flavor and Spice to Food.

Are you tired of bland, uninspired BBQ? Ready to take your grilling to the next level? Look no further than Papa Ricks Sauces! We’re the flavor aficionados, the spice enthusiasts, and the champions of bold taste that will transform your barbecue experience.